Multi-View Datasets


AiRound is composed of 11,753 images distributed among 11 classes, including: airport, bridge, church, forest, lake, river, skyscraper, stadium, statue, tower, and urban park.
Each sample is composed by a triplet, that contains images in 3 distinct points of view: (i) a ground perspective image; (ii) a high resolution RGB aerial image; and (iii) a multi-spectral image taken from the Sentinel-2 satellite.
All images are paired and were manually checked to guarantee their correctness.


CV-BrCT is composed of 24K pairs of images, each one containing a street-level scene and a high-resolution aerial image. Those samples are labeled in 8 different classes, which includes apartment, hospital, house, industrial, parking lot, religious, school, store, and vacant lot.

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