Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset

Brazilian Coffee Scenes Dataset

This dataset is a composition of scenes taken by SPOT sensor in 2005 over four counties in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil: Arceburgo, Guaranesia, Guaxupé and Monte Santo. It has many intraclass variance caused by different crop management techniques. Also, coffee is an evergreen culture and the South of Minas Gerais is a mountainous region, which means that this dataset includes scenes with different plant ages and/or with spectral distortions caused by shadows.


The whole image set of each country was partitioned into multiple tiles of 64 x 64 pixels. The identification of coffee crops (i.e. ground-truth annotation) was performed manually by agricultural researches. The dataset has:
Type Tiles
non-coffee (less than 10% of coffee pixels) 35.577
coffee (at least 85% of coffee pixels) 1.438

4 folds have 600 images each and the 5th has 476 images, all folds are balanced with coffee and non-coffee samples (50% each).

Please, cite this dataset as:

O. A. B. Penatti, K. Nogueira, J. A. dos Santos. Do Deep Features Generalize from Everyday Objects to Remote Sensing and Aerial Scenes Domains? In: EarthVision 2015, Boston. IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, 2015.

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We thank Rubens Lamparelli and Cooxupé for the image sets.